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Pastor Steve Durkac

CrossHope Chapel

CrossHope Chapel is a non-denominational Bible teaching church that I serve as pastor in west Mobile, Alabama. It is a bit laid-back, more relaxed, personal, and casual than your typical traditional church We don’t have pews, offering plates, or membership roles, but follow a New Testament model…learn more.



Beach Weddings & Vow Renewals

It has been my honor to have officiated over 2500 beach weddings and vow renewals along the Gulf Coast beaches since 2003 when I was a hospital chaplain in Mobile, Alabama and Pensacola, Florida, helping destination brides and grooms looking for traditional church minister…learn more 



Daily Devotional

Daily Promise is a daily devotional I write, based on my book Promises thru Scripture, which takes the reader through 365 selected Bible promises, one verse per day, with his pastoral insights, shared in chronological order from Genesis 1:1 and ending with Revelation 22:21, annually…learn more. 



Adopted by God

Adopted by God is a testimony of how the hand of the Lord miraculously intervened in a car accident to save the life of a 17-year old drug using adoptee struggling with purpose for his future and identity from his past. More importantly, it is my personal witness to the saving power of the Lord…learn more.  



The Grandma Story

The Grandma Story (as it’s affectionately come to be called) is a story about my grandparents and the Durkac family. It’s a story of inspiration that I often share at my weddings and when speaking to audiences. It is a story of understanding what love is in marriage and what really stands…read more 



Once Adventist

I am a former Seventh-day Adventist minister and am always happy to talk with those who have left the Adventist church, or are inactive in their Seventh-day Adventist church involvement, and but are interested in how others are dealing with their lifestyle adjustments in biblical evangelical churches….learn more.   



Men’s Ministry

CrossHope Chapel is starting up a Men’s Ministry and you can now download a FREE 6-page PDF study on “Leading Giants: 7 Lessons from David and Goliath” that can help face the giants in your life and the fearfulness that your own David stature is no match to your Goliath…learn more   



Pretribulation Rapture

Download my FREE 8-page PDF titled “Reasons I Believe in the Pretribulation Rapture” that can help you sort out an understanding of end-times events in regard to the rapture of the church. This is a resource from CrossHope Chapel’s  past teaching series on 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18learn more  



House Church

Called to start a small group or a house church ministry? CrossHope Chapel is interested in connecting with those called of God to be home missionaries, called to win a few, not the multitude, but called to relationships for the Kingdom of God rather than traditional church pastoral ministry…learn more 



Pray Church

Are you interested in growing in your prayer life or starting a prayer ministry at your church or home or workplace? Pray Church is the prayer ministry of CrossHope Chapel that provides some free resources to help individuals and small groups in establishing and facilitating a ministry of prayer…learn more   



Good News, Bad News

Zig Ziglar once said it this way: “The good news is there is nothing we can do that is bad enough to keep us out of Heaven; the bad news is there is nothing we can do good enough to get us into Heaven.“ Believing in what Jesus Christ has done for you on Calvary’s cross is exactly how your life…learn more 



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