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  CrossHope Chapel

CrossHope Chapel in west Mobile, Alabama is an independent evangelical church with informal fellowship, prayer support, simple worship, and an expository chapter by chapter verse by verse Bible teaching with open conversational study. Join us on Sunday mornings from 10:00 AM to 12:00 noon and you’ll find a casual non-intimidating environment that is supportive of individual spiritual growth without formality, and a church… www.crosshopechapel.org


  Beach Wedding Officiating

I have officiated 5000 beach weddings and vow renewals along Gulf Coast MississippiAlabamaNorthwest Florida, and have been featured on ABC Good Morning AmericaFox News, and the Christian Television Network. As a beach wedding and vow renewal officiant, I offer bride and groom’s, heading to the Gulf Coast for a simple beach wedding or vow renewal, a memorable ceremony with the dignity of an actual church ordained vocational Christian… www.durkac.com


  Daily Promise Devotional

Daily Promise One-Minute Devotionals shares 365 selected Bible promises, one verse per day, in chronological order from Genesis 1:1 starting on January 1 and ending with Revelation 22:21 on December 31, along with my brief pastoral insight of encouragement and prayer application. Sent out at 3:00 AM by email subscription or available by a daily link placed on social media, on Facebook and Twitter, and easy to read on any smartphone, tablet… www.dailypromise.org


  Ask the Bible

Ask the Bible was once my call-in Q&A radio broadcast but now it’s my Verse Finder by Topics of 300+ easy to search topics of interest like Anxiety, Armageddon, Bible Study, Christ’s Return, Confession, Death, Depression, Gifts of the Spirit, Healing, Immortality, Intercession, Heaven, Hell, Lake of Fire, Loss, Millennium, Old Age, Pastors, Parenthood, Prayer, Pestilence, Resurrection, Rapture, Sabbath, Sickness, Signs of the Times, Sin, Sorrow, Tribulation, and more… www.askthebible.org