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CrossHope Chapel— A non-denominational church I serve as pastor, in west Mobile, Alabama with informal gatherings, prayer support, simple worship, and verse by verse expository Bible teaching discussions. Grow in grace and in the knowledge… [ Website News & Notes EmailsSunday FellowshipFacebook Page • Twitter Account ]


Covenant Marriage Ceremony — I provide officiating services for Gulf Coast beach weddings and vow renewals, including simple elopements, for brides and grooms… [ Website • Alabama Covenant Marriage Ceremony • Mississippi Wedding Ceremony • NW Florida Wedding Ceremony • Vow Renewal Ceremony • Books ]  


Ask the Bible Topical Text Finder — An online topical tool for Bible study students looking for a fast way to locate the right verses that pertains to a particular topic. There are over 300 topics available for your Bible study search like Angels, Rapture, Grief, Judgment, Millennium… [ WebsiteProphecy NotesBible Study Guides • Book ]


Daily Promise One-Minute Devotional — A free daily email subscription to my Daily Promise devotional which shares 365 selected Bible promises, one verse per day, along with my brief pastoral insights and thoughts, in chronological order from Genesis 1:1 on January 1 through Revelation 22:21… [ Website  Subscription Book ]


Sentence Sermons — This site offers a collection of my 2019 personal study takeaways put in a sentence or two. Each Sentence Sermons is a takeaway summary thought from my morning devotional time, meant to encourage and provide clarity for Christian living as we all wait for our Lord’s return while coping with… [ Website  ]


Prayer is the Answer — In this pocket book or at this website you’ll be introduced to four principles of prayer as taught by our Lord Jesus, and I know you’ll also find the answer you’ll need. “Prayer is the answer to every problem in life. It puts us in tune with divine wisdom, which knows how to adjust everything perfectly… [ WebsiteBook ]