My Posts

I archive nearly all my various Blog Posts on this site so I can easily search and reference in the future, and so anyone can search and reference for themselves. If you have any questions, please contact me.


Adoptee Life — Posts related to my perspectives as an adoptee and encouragement for friends and families of the adoption life.

Bible Prophecy — Posts related to the study of Bible prophecy, the return of the Lord, signs of the times, and interpretation of Scripture.

Mere Observations — Posts related to my miscellaneous thoughts and perspectives on a wide-range of things from life.

Once Adventist — Posts related to my experience as a former Adventist minister and encouragement for my Seventh-day Adventist friends.

Simpler Church — Posts related to simpler church expressions and practices through small churches, non-traditional churches, and pastoral care groups.

Pastoral Notes — Posts on a variety of Bible topics, mostly related to the current teaching series, sent as part of the emails to the fellowship and friends of CrossHope Chapel.