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Beach Weddings — I provide premarital counseling and officiating services for Gulf Coast beach weddings and vow renewals, including simple elopements for destination brides and grooms, and Covenant Marriage Ceremonies for brides and grooms in Alabama who desire the benefit of still having a Christian ceremony in God’s eyes for their… [ www.durkac.com ]


CrossHope Chapel— A nondenominational simple church in West Mobile, Alabama with relaxed authentic gatherings, prayer support, simple worship, and informal fellowship around expository verse by verse Bible study teaching with open discussions. We do church simpler, more like a family gathering, we use round… [ www.crosshopechapel.org ]


Ask the Bible — An online topical tool for Bible study students looking for a fast way to locate the right verses that pertains to a particular topic. There are over 300 topics available for your Bible study search like Angels, Rapture, Grief, Judgment, Millennium, Death, Grief, Immortality, Israel, Judgment, Hell, Heaven, Salvation, Marriage … [ www.askthebible.org ]


Daily Promise — A free daily email subscription to my thru the Bible devotional which shares 365 selected Bible promises, one verse per day, along with my brief pastoral insights and thoughts on that particular promise, presented in chronological order from on January 1 through on December 31… [ www.dailypromise.org ]


Sentence Sermons — This site offers a collection of my 2019 personal study takeaways put in a sentence or two. Each takeaway summary thought from my morning devotional time, meant to encourage and provide clarity for Christian living as we all wait for our Lord’s return while coping with the signs of the times affecting our faith… [ www.sentencesermons.org ]


Prayer is the Answer — In this pocket book or at this website you’ll be introduced to four principles of prayer as taught by our Lord Jesus, and I know you’ll also find the answer you’ll need. “Prayer is the answer to every problem in life. It puts us in tune with divine wisdom, which knows how to adjust everything perfectly… [ www.prayeristheanswer.org ]


Online Bible Study Course

The Bible, Eternal Life, Signs of the End, Return of Jesus, Origin of Evil, Judgement,  Heaven…easy to read on any device!