For Sale

Info: 8221 Pinebough Avenue is located in the Sugar Pines subdivision off Leroy Stevens Road just south of Grelot Road. This home offers 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, 1250 sq. feet, new A/C unit and furnace (7/18), new stove (1/17), new siding (6/15), new septic tank and field line (5/15), electric hot water heater, etc..

Current Est. Value: $107,000

Sale Price: TBD

We are in the process of repairs and upgrades before we can accurately determine the sale price. We are also open to selling during this process if a buyer is interested in doing their own repairs or upgrades. Otherwise check back as it may be late fall or early winter before these upgrades are completed and the sale price is determined. If you want to be notified when that’s finished, please email me at .

We raised two children here but moved in 2015 to a new home in west Mobile. At that time we rented the home to a family member and they are in the process of removing their items from the house and property for an move out-of-state. We will be posting pictures and video as the work progresses.





Any Questions? Please ask Steve Durkac | (251) 753-2065 |