Posts by Categories…

These are the main categories that write in and place my blog posts under when ready for public access and reading. Please contact me if you have any questions.


  • Adoption LifePosts are related to my personal adoption story, family life, and my experience as an adopted child in adulthood.
  • Bible Prophecy Posts are related to questions, explanations, and interpretations of passages and difficult texts dealing with the study of end-times. 
  • Difficult VersesPosts are related to answering questions and explaining apparent contradictions, awkward phrasing, controversial topics, or otherwise confusing Bible verses. 
  • Former Adventist Posts related to my insights, good will, and outside perspectives from a once inside Seventh-day Adventist minister.
  • Mere Observations Posts are miscellaneous in nature and on a wide-range of personal thoughts, views, and comments from the perspective of my world.
  • Pastoral Notes Posts are originally written for the fellowship I serve as pastor, and related to my Sunday Bible teaching series and doctrinal discussions.
  • Simple Church — Posts are related to encouragement for pastors and leaders of simple church, house church, micro church, and small church communities.