Sentence Sermons

These Sentence Sermons are my takeaway summary thoughts from my morning devotional time in 2019. Each Sentence Sermons is meant to encourage and provide clarity for Christian living as we wait for our Lord’s return. Each morning as I sit at my desk in my study I summarize my time of reading and contemplating with a takeaway thought, here called Sentence Sermons. Visit back periodically and you’ll find new thoughts added throughout the year. Please contact me if you have any questions.



– – 141 – –

The world will use all in its power to to make of none effect the word of God. Man can not change truth into a lie and a lie into truth. Threats to silence truth serve only to magnify the Bible as earth’s only standard of common sense.

– – 140 – –

The world is trying to recruit us to side with its emotional zealousness. We can not serve two masters. Christian zeal is characterized by humility and moral principles not by vanity and flagrant insensibilities.

– – 139 – –

The noise and distractions of our times will squeeze out our spiritual life. The answer is not always in avoidance, but in embracing periods of silence so we can listen to God speak.

– – 138 – –

The worries of life are like a constantly fanned flame that seems to never go out. It is in turning to prayer, communing with God as you would with a friend, that we find strength to live our days.

– – 137 – –

Without an intentional turning to God in prayer the strongest of us can be beaten up by fear, worries, and anxiety. Life is given to us one day at a time, and prayer is how we live each day with God.

– – 136 – –

No man can gaze upon the cross of Christ without conviction of his own sin. Some respond with repentance and some react with resentment, but all must look upon the crucified Lord and choose.

– – 135 – –

Genuine humility comes from a continuous learning at the school of Jesus with the Bible as the textbook. It is Christlikeness and it makes an impression that challenges the observer to want the same.

– – 134 – –

In our daily path of duty the Spirit of God will give grace sufficient for our need, especially as we stay in communion with our Lord. In the tasks that try our patience and abilities, God’s watchful eye is ready to help.

– – 133 – –

Every passing day leaves us one less to hug our spouse, to hold our children, to have the joy of being with family and friends. Which is why today is the day to be intentional about prayer with the God who will end all Goodbyes.

– – 132 – –

Christians can not afford to fill their minds with things that will weaken their power of thought, firmness of will, or knowledge of God’s Word, if they are to be truly waiting for their Lord’s return.

– – 131 – –

When an enemy sees his imminent end, they become most aggressive and open in their last ditch effort. Likewise, Satan’s out in the open aggressiveness on the world stage, tells us he knows the return of Jesus Christ is near.

– – 130 – –

Disease, deformities, desperation to escape through addictions, are part of the effects of sin on the human race that can take the best of us. Which is why intercessory prayer is needed from all of us.

– – 129 – –

A man who stands before the King of Kings is undaunted by the kings of this world. No threat of punishment against righteousness can overpower or outlast the believer who is the friend of God.

– – 128 – –

It is not the most talented minister whose work with the masses produces the most lasting result. It is the parent, the friend, the coworker, whose personal and individual witness turns a single soul to behold the Lamb of God.

– – 127 – –

It is the transformation of your character that witnesses to a changed life. You may claim religious adherence to days, diets, and disciplines but only the indwelling Spirit of God can bring about a new you.

– – 126 – –

Every church needs men and women who walk with God as Enoch did. Their influence will enrich the fellowship and lead the congregation to a higher standard if worldly leadership doesn’t suppress them.

– – 125 – –

Self-preservation is good, self-esteem is good, but a selfishness that regularly gives no thought to others in the little transactions of daily life will leave us unfit for Heaven.

– – 124 – –

Many have become infatuated with vice and indulgence of the forbidden, so much so that they have blocked their conscious from truth. The habit of sin is as binding for hell as the habit of faith is for Heaven.

– – 123 – –

God has waiting long for our return to Him and He is still waiting. Soon all who can be saved will be saved and time will have run its course. Then God will arise from His throne to declare, “Son, go get my children!”

– – 122 – –

Many give no thought to their spiritual condition or date with judgement. Generations have come and gone without teaching the truth of Scripture to their families. But for you, today is the day to change that for your loved ones’ sake.

– – 121 – –

Being a witness for Christ is to point others to Him in word and deed. The aim is to carry their minds to consider Christ crucified. If we can say as did John the Baptist, look toward the Sin Bearer, the Spirit of God will take it from there.

– – – – – – – – – –


– – 120 – –

So you are not the perfect example of a Christ follower – who is? We don’t follow Jesus as Lord because we are where we need to be, we follow Jesus as Lord because He is where we need to be.

– – 119 – –

To share our faith is to talk from our heart, not making use of formal arguments or set phrases, but sharing the hope that we have. Even admitting to being in the process of growth is more powerful than claiming to understand it all.

– – 118 – –

When we speak a verse of Scripture  to comfort a friend, bring truth to one inquiring, or assure a wavering soul, we can be confident that we are sowing the words of life that will spring up and bear fruit.

– – 117 – –

The greatest treasure parents can give their children is the influence of Christ-likeness. When Mom and Dad model tenderness, patience, and justice in the home, their children learn to love the God of their parents.

– – 116 – –

Calamity and suffering is permitted into our lives to remove selfishness from our character. Satan intends them to destroy us, but God uses them to develop in us the attributes of His character – compassion, mercy, and unconditional love.

– – 115 – –

When we have a deep appreciation for the sacrifice of Christ on Calvary, no longer can we remain indifferent to souls perishing around us. Other interests become subordinate to the work of winning souls.

– – 114 – –

If we can stir up a man’s mind to be awaken to fix his eyes upon Jesus and Him crucified, we can step aside and allow the Holy Spirit to bring conviction to their heart.

– – 113 – –

If you are right with God, you are ready for Him to return. If you live each day in close contact with Him, in constant communion with Him, in harmony with His word, you are ready for eternity with Him.

– – 112 – –

Please don’t be indifferent to your Christian life or careless with your influence upon others. Many souls are looking for an authentic Christ follower as evidence that the religion of the Bible is true.

– – 111 – –

Let’s not slight the sacrifice of our Savior. Jesus died a cruel and agonizing death so we could live a glorious heavenly life. Be appreciative of that and stop doubting the forgiveness of your sins.

– – 110 – –

Jesus, the Creator of man, was humiliated, beaten, tortured, and killed by those whom He gave life. He refrained from revenge, retaliation, and ending that pain so we can have eternity with Him.

– – 109 – –

Prayerfulness is keeping our mind upon God as we go about our day. It’s being intentional in recognizing His leading in the details, little blessings, as well as reminders of our continual need for the Savior.

– – 108 – –

It is possible to be a partial follower of Christ, half-hearted in belief, maybe even fully committed to a church office but short of the new birth required for Heaven. Pray for unwavering faith so that is not you.

– – 107 – –

False doctrine is often slightly off from truth, but it can not persuade the one with a thorough knowledge of the Bible. If we are to discern truth from error we must be students of God’s word.

– – 106 – –

We walk with the protection of heavenly angels when we walk with our Lord through the garden of life. The enemy of our soul is helpless against our close daily relationship with Jesus Christ.

– – 105 – –

Jesus promised that the Holy Spirit would bring Scripture to your remembrance when times get tough. So store God’s word in your heart now so you have it to draw from then.

– – 104 – –

There will be an individual judging of each man’s right to an eternity in Heaven, based on our living faith and acceptance of Jesus as Savior. We will not be saved by groups or membership.

– – 103 – –

The signs foretold in Bible prophecy are fast fulfilling around us. Don’t fear or ignore these incremental movements toward the Day of Lord, but watch and pray so your heart won’t be diverted from eternity.

– – 102 – –

Sin has corrupted man’s being, it has perverted the mind, and degraded the faculties of our Eden state. We need the divine energy of the Holy Spirit for strength to stand firm against the influence of this age.

– – 101 – –

There is no such thing as a perfect Christian because we can never exhaust the depth of knowledge of God nor the heights of God’s love for us.

– – 100 – –

It is an amazing thing that a holy righteous God actually wants unholy unrighteous mortals to bring our requests to Him through prayer.

– – 99 – –

The Holy Spirit dwells in our hearts to purify our motives. Carelessness in manners, callousness toward others, and coarseness in conversations will fall by the wayside.

– – 98 – –

Don’t fret over other’s stance on the rapture and tribulation. All believers are subject to Satan’s persecution. God’s wrath, regardless of timing, is only for the unbelievers.

– – 97 – –

The Holy Spirit dwells in our hearts to purify our ways. Carelessness in manners, callousness toward others, and coarseness in conversations will fall by the wayside.

– – 96 – –

It is an amazing thing that a holy righteous God actually wants unholy unrighteous mortals to bring our requests directly to Him through prayer.

– – 95 – –

There will be an individual judging of each man’s right to an eternity in Heaven, based on our living faith and acceptance of Jesus as Savior. We will not be saved by groups or membership.

– – 94 – –

The signs foretold in Bible prophecy are fast fulfilling around us. Don’t fear or ignore these incremental movements toward the Day of Lord, but watch and pray so your heart won’t be diverted from eternity.

– – 93 – –

Sin has corrupted man’s being, it has perverted the mind, and degraded the faculties of our Eden state. We need the divine energy of the Holy Spirit for strength to stand firm against the influence of this age.

– – 92 – –

There is no such thing as a perfect Christian because we can never exhaust the depth of knowledge of God nor the heights of God’s love for us.

– – 91 – –

God has set a boundary that Satan can not pass, and it is your faith. Have faith in Jesus Christ and hold tightly to Him through prayer. Let the promises of the Bible be your barrier of protection.

– – 90 – –

Too many men are like putty when it comes to their character. But their weakness of heart, indecision, and fear to commitment will transform into strength, purpose, and resolve if they would humble themselves at the Savior’s cross.

– – 89 – –

Our society is not friendly with righteousness. We live in an increasingly evil age, yet we can be in harmony with heaven through Jesus Christ as we daily walk with Him by prayer and meditation upon His word.

– – 88 – –

In our darkest hour, we can keep our heart and mind fixed on the Lord Jesus by clinging tightly to the promises of Scripture for they are our constant source of hope and peace.

– – 87 – –

The time of waiting for our Lord’s return may seem long and our discouraging circumstances may be oppressive, but remain confident in His promise. The Lord is coming soon!

– – 86 – –

Every day brings more news of strife, lawlessness, brutal violence, indifference to common sense, and destruction of innocent life. God is merciful, but such persistence of evil will be met with His just wrath.

– – 85 – –

The Bible gives the correct understanding of our times. Those in authority may present their solutions for our peace and safety, but the Blessed Hope is our only hope.

– – 84 – –

Seek the Lord with all your heart as did Jacob in wrestling prayer. When you have a sincere sense of earnestness, agonizing with the reality that without God’s grace you perish, you will have His victory.

– – 83 – –

Becoming a Christian is not to modify or improve upon the old you, it is to be born again through faith. It is to be transformed in nature. It is to love the things you once hated and hate the things you once loved.

– – 82 – –

Our top priority in life ought to be seeking the kingdom of God. We do that by choosing what’s right over what’s easiest and by reminding ourselves that we are citizens of Heaven and not slaves to earth.

– – 81 – –

Satan presents the ways of the world as most pleasurable, and to separate yourself from it as a great mistake. However, you will lose out on nothing but hell by not participating in his lies.

– – 80 – –

Salvation is a gift that can not be earned, but its value compels us to pay whatever cost necessary to possess it.

– – 79 – –

Jesus is the Great Physician and we are to be compliant patients obedient to his prescription of repentance, exercise of faith, and trust in His grace.

– – 78 – –

Many have an intellectual understanding of Christianity but not a trusted faith. To them Jesus is a theory that has not been tested, so it will be no surprise when judgement is pronounced “I never knew you.”

– – 77 – –

Christian character growth is an ongoing process. Daily and intentional should be our advancement in Christ likeness through the Holy Spirit and meditation on His Word.

– – 76 – –

Some make climbing the ranks of church offices equal with discipleship, but it is not. Your position in the local church will not advance your faith, but your posture at the feet of Jesus will.

– – 75 – –

Now is the time to be ready for the return of Jesus. If you do not know Him now, why would you think you’ll know Him then? There will be no introductions on that day, because that’s why He came the first time.

– – 74 – –

Jesus has been made known to us as God’s Son because He is the perfect revelation of God. It is in contemplating the life of Christ that we see the true character of God, which is love, mercy, and compassion.

– – 73 – –

The Bride of Christ will be robed with the righteousness of Christ, not through self attainment, but through faith in His righteousness imparted to us.

– – 72 – –

The law of God is written on the heart of those who follow Christ, but we do not refer to them to avoid murdering. They are in our heart, our love for God and others doesn’t allow for murder to cross our mind.

– – 71 – –

There will be a time when those who are in Christ will put on immortality and remain forever in Christ. There will also come a time when those who have rejected Christ will have eternally rejected Christ.

– – 70 – –

However great a struggle may be, we have victory through faith because our Lord withstood like temptations. Let’s stop elevating the struggle and start trusting in the Savior.

– – 69 – –

A moment yielded to temptation can bring a lifetime of guilt. Satan’s work is to tempt us, but he and a thousand demons can not force us to yield, that is an action entirely our own.

– – 68 – –

Don’t fret with hopelessness in regard to youth today. Like the examples of youth in Scripture, many are unmoved by cultural lies and uninfluenced by godless adults because they too are in want of truth.

– – 67 – –

We must live one day at a time. Tomorrow may have our hopes and dreams but today needs our heart and mind, our resolve and persevering focus on Jesus our Sin-bearer.

– – 66 – –

Time in prayer with our Heavenly Father is how we make progress in the sanctified life. Formal prayer on our knees, impromptu prayer as we go about our daily tasks, attitudinal prayer that meditates on God’s promises.

– – 65 – –

Prayer and faith are either side of the same coin. Faith is exercised through prayer and prayer is realized through faith. The substance of prayer and faith is the promises of God.

– – 64 – –

There is a science to prayer, not as in a magical formula to follow, but as in faith in the promises of the Bible is the condition in which prayer is answered.

– – 63 – –

The answers you seek from prayer are not in your asking but in the promises of God’s Word. If God has promised it He is able to perform it, to deliver it, to give it.

– – 62 – –

To pray continually is to have an intense sense of dependence on God. Praying continually is to pursue God more intentionally than a drowning man gasping for air.

– – 61 – –

Prayer is the surrender of self, the admitting of our inability and our need for divine intervention in our life. It is an authentic, honest, and tearful expression of our innermost fear.

– – – – – – – – – –


– – 60 – –

A work we can hold in our arms is too small. We must pray in broader views, for a bigger impact, and with a vision that recognizes that our Lord came to reach the world.

– – 59 – –

Whatever the topic of conversation, uplift Jesus as the reason for hope, the solution to the problem, and the answer to lasting peace.

– – 58 – –

Stir the minds of those within your sphere of influence. The church is falling into a sleepy indifference when it comes to our Lord’s return so speak of your Blessed Hope as often as you can.

– – 57 – –

I suspect that the church era will close with the same manifestation of the power of God as it begun. We don’t want to be caught up with the counterfeit, but we should recognize the Holy Spirit’s outpouring.

– – 56 – –

Only God the Father knows the hour of our Lord’s return, but it’s closer today than yesterday and I am all for hastening it with my words and deeds.

– – 55 – –

Truth may appear at times to be overshadowed, but it is guarded by God. It will triumph over every falsehood proclaimed by the weak of mind and pushed upon thinking men. Truth can not remain suppressed.

– – 54 – –

Living up to the truth we already have is a good way to advance to greater truths and a deeper understanding of things in the Bible.

– – 53 – –

Let’s pray and work for godly laws in our land but let’s not forget that our Kingdom is not of this world.

– – 52 – –

The promise of our Lord’s return should stay center of our thinking. We are passing through, our hope is not of this world, eternity will be longer than a lifetime here, and joy unimaginable awaits.

– – 51 – –

Do not make a mistake in the matter of hope. If you put your hope in the vain philosophies of men or in the ways of religion, you’ll come to a hopeless end. If you put your hope in the Lord Jesus Christ, there will be no end.

– – 50 – –

Sorrow can not quench and trials can not dim the hope that we have in the blessed return of our Lord and Savior. Grief is not the end, because a resurrection reunion is ours.

– – 49 – –

God’s timing is perfect. He can not be hurried or delayed. Like the first Advent, His second Advent will happen as promised and will be at the best possible moment for everyone in Earth’s history.

– – 48 – –

If a devotion, entertainment, or hobby is drawing your thoughts and affection away from the Lord, allow the Holy Spirit to help you put that away.

– – 47 – –

None are so corrupt or too deep in sin that they can not find new life in Jesus Christ. If they will turn to Calvary and behold His love, they will be changed.

– – 46 – –

Satan rejoices when a follower of Christ talks of doubt but he trembles when a follower of Christ talks of faith, because our words influence other’s. Talk in faith in what the Lord has done, is doing, will do, and watch others grow in Christ.

– – 45 – –

Dare to be different than the selfish, the prideful, and all who have conformed to the world without consideration of the God whom they will face in the final judgement.

– – 44 – –

It is not sin to be tempted. You’re human. Sinful thoughts are going to surface but it is in holding and nurturing those thoughts that a trap is laid to fall into sin.

– – 43 – –

You can not harbor sin and not expect it to alter your life. You can not spend an enormous amount of time thinking about sin and not expect it to work its way out into your life. Do the opposite and fix your mind on Jesus and enjoy the sanctified life.

– – 42 – –

Do not wait until you change, but come to Christ with all your sin, ills, faults, and problems. Christ will give you a new heart to love as He loves, a new mind to think as He thinks, a new life to live as He lives.

– – 41 – –

We are not Christians because we are church members or because we have merely heard the gospel. We are Christians because we have brought the gospel into the practices of our every day life.

– – 40 – –

When you do sin, do not despair in thinking all is lost. There is immediate forgiveness at Calvary. There is strength to repent and stand against future temptations in Christ.

– – 39 – –

The Spirit of God is calling men to repentance, but every week counts as one closer and every day counts as one nearer to their appointed time of judgment.

– – 38 – –

Let those around us scurry and struggle for earthly riches and recognition that will not last. Let us keep our eyes heavenward because that is our forever home, our eternal treasure, where the Lord God awaits to welcome us with His nail scared hands.

– – 37 – –

This world is a training school for an eternity of immortal character. Here we face the lessons that smooth our edges, make patience the rule, gratitude our default attitude, and love for one another the filter of our lives.

– – 36 – –

The same hypnotic influence of Satan that causes national leaders to declare lies as truth and death as health, is working among church ministers. The plain truth of the Bible, in some places, is already being replaced by fanaticism, superstition, and compromise.

– – 35 – –

Satan knows the limit of his power, that he stands condemned. He doesn’t show himself openly out of fear for awakening the Christian to banish him and his assault through prayer in the name of Jesus.

– – 34 – –

For forty years unbelief and unconsecration shut out ancient Israel from their promised land. Could the same unbelief and unconsecration in the church be delaying our entrance into our heavenly promised land?

– – 33 – –

Thousands of years of transgression since Eden has brought sickness, disease, and deformities to our once perfect image. Our only hope is the Blessed Hope and our new bodies on resurrection morning.

– – 32 – –

Satan has concealed himself from our view so that his existence is doubted and even denied. Many who claim to follow the Word of God see no reason for a defense in spiritual warfare because they are fixated only on what is seen.

– – 31 – –

Vigilance is the price we must pay in the presence of worldliness. Like waves beating on the shore, the wicked influence of the godless will break us down and carry us away unless we stand firm on the eternal Rock.

– – 30 – –

To be opposed to the things of God is to be unfit for Heaven. If you are too wise to fellowship with the church or bored with conversations on the redeeming power of Calvary, an eternity in the presence of holiness and happiness with Jesus will be more than you can bear.

– – 29 – –

The Bible is an infallible guide, the rule of life, our counsel under all circumstances and trustworthy even unto the end of our journey of life.

– – 28 – –

Weren’t the wise men surprised to find little interest in the Messiah within Israel? Aren’t we surprised to find little interest in Bible prophecy within the church?

– – 27 – –

God is testing are commitment to His grace against our loyalty to self. We are either searing our own conscience in rejecting Him through our works or we are sanctifying our walk by faith.

– – 26 – –

Let’s not measure ourselves by others or even in comparison to our self, but rather look to the Savior Jesus Christ as our example and pattern.

– – 25 – –

We are to watch and pray as if this day is our last, but plan and work as if eternity is now.

– – 24 – –

Stand ready with the personal reason why you believe what you do and no man can honestly refute your own story because its yours, not theirs. They can have their own story of faith.

– – 23 – –

Be careful to not unnecessarily offend in word or deed but wait for questions to be asked. You are not compromising your biblical beliefs, you have wisely taken control of the conversation.

– – 22 – –

The prophets spoke of His coming in fire, a devouring fire, a refiner’s fire of judgment. His divine Presence will be manifested as the Earth is set ablaze in wrath and justice on behalf of His church.

– – 21 – –

Now is the time to watch and pray, but not just the culture about us, but deeds and thoughts within us. The books of heaven will not be blank but filled with evidence of our Savior’s transforming power in our lives.

– – 20 – –

Repentance is as necessary for the long-time follower of Christ as it is for the newly born-again believer. As the Spirit of God surfaces sin in our lives we should submit in repentance.

– – 19 – –

A lost life is one given to his own reasoning, one rejecting the grace of Christ upon Calvary’s cross, a life ensnared by vain philosophies of other lost men.

– – 18 – –

Let’s be more zealous about our place in the rapture of the church than we are about our place of service in the church this Sunday.

– – 17 – –

When Christ returns for His church he will find only those who are looking for His appearing.

– – 16 – –

Theft and murder is evidence that men have chosen to be demon possessed rather than Holy Spirit filled.

– – 15 – –

We have a hell to shun and a heaven to gain. That’s not a decision made way back when, it’s a choice we are making now in voice, thought, and action.

– – 14 – –

Christ will come as a thief for those whose heart, mind, and soul is fixed on anything but Christ’s coming.

– – 13 – –

The religious leaders of Jesus’ day were looking for the Christ to bring them prosperity. Some still look toward Him for such, but all the riches of life are not ours from Christ but in Christ.

– – 12 – –

A revival of simple godliness and simple gatherings of the church, much like the days of the apostles, may very well hasten our Lord’s return.

– – 11 – –

Many sit in churches that give more attention to their entertainment value than to the teaching of Bible truth that warn men of the coming terrible day of the Lord. The Spirit of God is bidding them to leave and find refreshing where God’s Word is taught.

– – 10 – –

Satan would love to blot every follower of Christ from the face of the Earth. His influence upon godless men and nation’s increases as we near the return of Christ, but our safety is in the promises of God’s Word and prayer in Jesus’ Name.

– – 9 – –

Many are Christians in name only and times of trouble will sift them out of Bible teaching churches toward the worldly ranks of those marching under Satan’s banner.

– – 8 – –

A few men, here and there in history past, have always been found in high places to hold in check a tide of evil that would otherwise swallow up civilized society’s and the advancement of the gospel.

– – 7 – –

Satan has favorite parts of the Bible that he has no objection or reason to prevent from any pulpit. But when a man of God opens to the timely prophecies of Daniel and Revelation it’s likely his anger is kindled.

– – 6 – –

It’s the quick and quickening succession of the signs of the times that is awakening hearts and minds to demand answers from professing Bible believing Christians.

– – 5 – –

Our Savior was not a rushed or hurried man during His time on Earth, but He demonstrated a sense of urgency in the hour of history that we ought to replicate.

– – 4 – –

While nation’s make void the law of God let’s not swerve or shake in our allegiance to Him and His Word. We have been sealed by His Spirit, we are held in His hand, and no one can remove us from Him without our permission.

– – 3 – –

Immorality abounds everywhere, but let those who will put away iniquity be a beacon of light in a dark world. Let all repent and find grace in Jesus Christ.

– – 2 – –

God is arousing His people to take a stand for truth. Heresy is separating those who claim Christianity like the wheat from the chaff upon the threshing floor.

– – 1 – –

Troubles, oppression, and sin have become the prominent headlines of our times so those who profess Christ can shine more brightly as beacons of peace in these unstable times.

– – – – – – – – – –